Mushroom Revival - Cordyceps Energy Gummies

Mushroom Revival - Cordyceps Energy Gummies

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  • Energy and endurance
  • Occasional stress adaptability
  • Athletic performance
  • Metabolic function 

If certain energy drinks give your body wings, these gummies will give you a rocketship. Whether you’re training for a marathon or life, our Energy cordyceps gummies might be your best friend to support natural energy levels, endurance, and stamina. 

Cordyceps may support healthy performance, metabolic function, and immunity. This functional mushroom comes packed with all sorts of special compounds that may support energy production in cells and oxygen intake in the lungs. 

Side note: a few years ago, our founder Alex Dorr was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and started dedicating himself to living a healthier way of life. His research led him to functional mushrooms, which he found were supportive to overall health and wellness. This is why he launched Mushroom Revival: to help people feel better and feel like themselves again.

Equivalent to 1520mg of mushrooms per serving, or 45,600mg of mushrooms per bag

50% post consumer recycled packaging!