Green Tea Detox Gift Set

$ 115.00

Our Youthful Radiance and Champagne & Berries green teas are the perfect pairing to support you in your detox. Including both in your green tea detox regimen will amplify the benefits, due to the variety of herbs, spices, and flowers in each blend.

  • Youthful Radiance green tea contains ST6 Flower Pollen Extracts, which is a potent source of antioxidants, surpassing the levels found in bee pollen and some fruits and vegetables. This tea acts as a defender against free radicals, allowing you to fight the damage from environmental toxins, and stave off disease and signs of aging.
  • Champagne & Berries is a sencha green tea with goji berries, acai, and strawberries. These three fruits are rich in polyphenols and vitamin C. Together, they act as an antioxidant powerhouse, aiding in detoxification, maintaining or improving heart health, and promoting healthy skin and tissue.
  • Are you sensitive to caffeine? A lovely caffeine-free alternative is the Detoxify Me Organic Herbal Tea, which contains a blend of herbs like lemon myrtle, ginger root, and fennel seed, designed to support your digestion and your body’s detoxification processes.
This detox gift set includes:
  • Champagne & Berries Green Tea 
  • Youthful Radiance Green Tea 
  • Detoxify Me Organic Herbal Tea 
  • Tea Towel 
  • Individual teapot and mug 

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